Sharing requests on Facebook and Twitter

Sharing requests on Twitter or Facebook is a great way to get new members to join your group and build a stronger community. If you're a member of an existing network or organization with a Facebook group or email list you can post your announcement directly from here, too. Just tap "Share" after posting a new request to get started.


Choose the channel you want to use to share. You can control who sees Facebook posts before adding them to your timeline. 



If you're sending a text message, email or tweet, the app will suggest a message, but you can post anything you like. If you can see the link - beginning with - don't change any part of it or it won't work!


People who are already a member of your group will be taken directly to the request in TimesFree when they tap the link. Other people will be taken to the App Store and then they'll see information about your group as soon as they install the app. Unlike direct invitations, if your group requires members to be approved, they'll still have to wait for an admin to add them.




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