Verify your email and phone number

 To link your phone number to your TimesFree account, find "Tap to set phone number" in "Settings." You'll see this screen when you tap it.


For the safety of all our users, you'll need to verify your phone number by receiving a text message and entering the six-digit code you receive. You only have to do this once. There is no charge for verifying your number - however, your mobile carrier's messaging charges may apply if you have to pay to receive text messages. You can also choose to receive the verification code in an automated phone call. 


If you signed up with Twitter or Facebook, your TimesFree account is already linked to that account. To link to other accounts or confirm your email, tap "Link account" in "Settings." You'll need to give permission to access your account (we won't post on your behalf).


To set your email, enter it here. Please click the link you receive in a message to the address you enter to verify your address!


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