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To create an account on TimesFree, tap one of the three buttons on the sign up screen. It's quickest to sign up with Facebook or Twitter - the app will automatically sync your name and profile picture to the account you choose. Please note that Twitter login is only available on our iOS app at this time.


You can also sign up by email. Please choose an address that you check regularly as you will need to receive alerts about new requests and other activity in your group, and about your own requests.


Please enable location services to ensure we can set your location correctly and find groups near you. If you choose not to enable location services, you can choose your location manually. Start entering it and select from the list that appears as you type.


If you just installed TimesFree on a new device, you can sign into an existing account by tapping the Facebook or Twitter buttons (you have to be signed into the same account you set up TimesFree with on the iOS device). You can also sign into an existing account you created using email, or reset your password. To reset your password, just enter your email address and tap "Forgot password?"


If you sign up using email, you'll be asked to enter your name and you'll be able to upload a profile picture too. 

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