Start a new group

Pick a name for your group that’s unique - maybe your neighborhood, or if your co-op is linked to an organization like a school or church, include that and make it easy for other members to find you! If your group is listed in in-app search results, users who are in the same area as you will be able to find the group in their “nearby groups” tab.


You can upload a logo, too. Choose a distinctive image that’s associated with your neighborhood, or your organization’s logo if your co-op will be linked to an existing community group, church or school. Make sure you have permission to use whatever image you choose.


We recommend you allow the app to set your location automatically if you’re using TimesFree on iPhone or iPad to set up your group. If you’re creating your group using our web app, please make sure that you select the right option from the list that will appear when you start typing your location.


Remember, you can always choose who joins your group and whether it’s visible to other app users. Groups that are hidden can be joined by people who have an invitation link, or who click on a sit request that’s been shared using Facebook, email or another channel.


There’s space to enter more information about your group, such as rules about who can join. We recommend that new members receive at least 40 points - that’s enough for around 3 sits. Our research has shown that this makes busy co-ops run better in the long term.


If you choose to hide your group from in-app search results, no-one will be able to find it in the group list tab - you'll have to invite friends directly or share requests for people to find it.


Once you've created your group, invite people to join!

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