Report abuse or spam

Please use the support chat window to notify us immediately if you receive an offensive message from another user. Since you can only receive messages from other members of groups you've joined, please also notify the group leader. If you're a group leader and receive an offensive message from someone asking to join your group, please notify Support directly.

If you suspect that a child or another user is in immediate danger, you should call the police before you notify us. 

You should also notify us if you see any posts or receive chat messages that are advertising services in return for cash or other valuable items (please see our terms of service for more details on what is allowed), or that are advertising or requesting illegal activities. 

If you see a group listed which has posted rules for membership which violate the TimesFree group membership policy, please let us know. Please note that we cannot intervene in individual disputes over group membership except in cases where this policy has been violated.

Please let us know, and talk to your group's leader, if you suspect users are manipulating the system to gain credit for time they haven't really shared by creating multiple accounts or other means. 

Please note that we cannot intervene to resolve, and accept no liability for, disputes between users arising from cancellations, injury, loss or damage however caused. 

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