Chat to other users

Never enter your credit card details, social security number or other personal information, or password for TimesFree or any other website in a conversation! If a group leader asks you to verify your identity or submit other documents to join a group, you should not send images of them through the chat service - it's better for both parties to meet in person and review them.

The TimesFree team will never contact you using the user chat service - only through messages in the support window you can access by swiping down with two fingers anywhere in the app or tapping on the "?" icon at the top of the screen.


You can start chats from almost anywhere - from the list of members in each group you've joined, from requests or confirmed tasks, or even to the leader of a group you'd like to join. You'll find all of them in the Messages tab.




Tap on a conversation to see all the messages you've exchanged with that user. 





You can even chat with all the members of a group at once!




You can also start a new conversation with any member of a group you've joined from here: tap the Compose button in the top left corner, tap the group the user is a member of, then tap their name to open a new chat.





If the other user has push notifications enabled, they'll receive a notification when you send a message. Remember you can send photos using the chat system too!  


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