Post a Request

It only takes seconds to post a request for help on TimesFree. Remember, you can see your points balance for each group in the "Requests" tab - one point equals fifteen minutes of shared time.



Tap the fields to set the date and time, and the amount of time you need help for. As soon as you complete both fields, you'll see the number of group members whose schedule says they're available at that time. If no-one is available, you can adjust the time or duration to check again.





Add a task description if you like - people are more likely to take on your request if you tell them more about it! You can add any more information you think people need, or that will encourage them to take on your request. 

You cannot offer money or valuable items as a reward for taking on your task. However, you can offer to reimburse the other member for any travel expenses, materials or other costs.

If you want to send a notification to group members whose schedule matches your request, leave the notifications box checked. When you're ready, tap "Post" to add your request to the exchange.

If you want to be notified when another member offers to take on your request and review their offer before accepting it, uncheck the second box to turn off automatic acceptance for this task.

Remember, you don't have to have performed any services for another member before you can post your own requests! 

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