Terms of Service

About the Service

TimesFree is a platform for hosting informal, non-commercial service exchange groups. TimesFree is not a barter exchange and does not assign a "market value" to any services posted or traded using the service.


You must be 13 years of age or older to use this service.


Permitted use of the Service

You may use TimesFree to arrange informal exchanges of similar services with other members of your exchange groups, to create and host these groups, and to communicate with members for the purpose of facilitating exchanges.

You may not:

Offer or receive substantial valuable compensation (whether in money, goods, or services of a clearly commercial nature, such as those of a business you own) in return for services arranged through the Service, whether in addition to or in place of your own time, or require the payment of dues as a condition of membership of an exchange group;

Use the Service to arrange or solicit the commission of any act prohibited by local law, or which is malicious or offensive in nature;

Impose or attempt to impose any subsequent contractual obligations on any party in connection to an exchange of services beyond what is contained in this document. 


You acknowledge by posting requests for services or offering to undertake such requests, that these actions do not constitute the formation of a contract for the provision of such services and that no liability will be accepted by TimesFree or any of its users for the non-performance of any agreed services. 


TimesFree may store and display information about the services you have provided to and received from other members, including the length of time these services were provided for. This information may be displayed in the form of actual time periods, or visual indicators corresponding to specific blocks of time. You acknowledge by using the Service that this recording does not generate any specific obligations for any party and that any such indicators are for informational purposes only and not a scrip or fungible currency of any kind. You may not transfer any such credits to any other user in exchange for money or other valuable consideration.



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