How to join a group

To find a group near you, go to the "Requests" section and tap on the "Nearby Groups" tab. You'll see a list of the nearest groups (with the closest first).




The list shows you how many people are in the group, what service they're exchanging, and where they are. If the group is open for anyone to join, you'll see a label saying "Open."


Tap on the group to see more about it. If you don't know anyone in the group, you can send a message to the leader to introduce yourself. Just tap on their name and you'll be able to see their profile and chat with them!



Tap "Join this group" if you want to become a member. If the group is open, you'll be added immediately and can start accepting and posting requests for services right away. If not, the leader of the group will be notified of your request to join. You'll get a notification when your request is approved.



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