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Personally identifying data

TimesFree collects data on your use of the app (including device identifiers) which may identify you personally on its own or in combination with other data (such as ISP or mobile network subscriber information), and requires you to submit truthful and accurate personal information (your legal name) as a condition of access to the service. TimesFree may collect data on your location while you use the app for the purpose of providing services dependent on your location. Location services must be enabled to create exchanges, for the purpose of enabling users to find groups in their vicinity.


Use of your data

Your personally identifying data is used to identify you to other users for the purpose of arranging exchanges using the service, and for the provision of customer support and other interactions.

Data generated by your use of the service may also be used in statistical or other analyses conducted for the purpose of improving the quality of the service, the development of new features, or other commercial purposes.

Anonymized data may also be used in academic research, in accordance with recognized institutional data handling and ethical principles. In such cases reasonable care will be taken to ensure that neither individuals nor exchange groups will be identifiable from published material without the prior informed consent of all parties.

Your personally identifying data will not be sold to any entity for the marketing purposes. However TimesFree may, at its discretion, deliver messages from partners to users selected based on their use of the service to users who have chosen to receive such messages.

Your data is handled and stored by suppliers subject to the terms of their agreements with TimesFree, and TimesFree accepts no liability for their actions, omissions or those of any other party involved in the handling of your data.


Storage of your data

Your data may be stored on and processed by third party service providers' systems as required for the provision of the service, or by TimesFree. Reasonable care will be taken to ensure the security of your data; however, no liability will be accepted for loss or disclosures occurring as a result of criminal or other action on the part of third parties.

Your data may be stored for the duration of your use of the service, and while termination of your account from within the app, if permitted, will prevent your profile from being publicly accessible, certain items (including transactions) may remain accessible to other users. You may request the deletion of your data and the closure of your account by contacting Although reasonable efforts will be taken to erase records of your use of the service, no liability will be accepted in the case of data persisting in records stored with third party service providers. Deletion of your data will not affect the total services provided to or by you to other users, in those users' own data. 


Lawful disclosure of your data

Your data will not be disclosed to any entity outside of the terms of this statement, except as required by law. TimesFree is not a "barter exchange" as defined by the Internal Revenue Service and does not issue form 1099-B forms or report user transactions for tax purposes. If required to do so following judicial or other government action, such as in the case of use of the service for commercial or unlawful purposes in violation of the Terms of Service, information on users' transactions will be provided strictly within the limits of any lawful authority under which it is sought. Except when prohibited by law or judicial action, users will be informed before their information is disclosed.

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