View and Respond to Requests

To view the requests posted by other users in the groups you've joined, tap on the group in the "Requests" section. You'll see a list of requests with the poster's name and picture, and the date, time and duration of the service they need. 

If the time fits the schedule you've set, you'll also see a green "Matching" label. Of course, you can still accept requests which don't match your normal schedule!

Tap on a request to view it in full. You can see if the poster has any more information they wanted to add about their request.

If you'd like to accept their request, tap "Accept" at the top of the screen. You'll be asked to confirm your acceptance - please only accept tasks you are sure you are able to complete. When you tap OK, the poster will be notified you accepted their request.


You can see all your upcoming shares in the "My Time" section. You'll receive a notification to remind you shortly before your task begins. If you don't want to receive reminders, you can turn them off in the app settings.

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